About Me

Hey there! I'm Zoe, a final year Games Technology student at Coventry University who makes games and tools. I've been programming since I was 16, starting with making small IRC games in mIRC but now I make bigger games in C++ and Unity.

This site is a portfolio of my university, gamejam, personal and mod projects that I've worked on over the years.

Featured Projects

Some of my favourite projects. Click on the images to find out more information

Windows - Unity - 2019

Unity GGJ19

Defend your house from lost souls who are trying to steal the words that mean home to you. To stop them, you give them something that might feel like home to them, letting them finally rest in peace.

My contributions:

  • Game State Management
  • UI design and control
  • Camera animations and scene transitions
Primordial Conquest
Android - Unity - 2016

Unity University

A tactical card game for Android that requires strategic positioning of cards on the playing field.


  • Custom editor for editing and creating cards
  • Advanced UI/2D control
  • Developed for Android
Foxer Engine
Win/MacOS - C++ - 2018


3D, data-driven, multiplayer, cross-platform engine developed during final year of University


  • First full engine I developed integrating numerous middleware
  • Lua is used to define entities and levels and allows custom logic
  • Supports multiple clients and serialisation of event data
  • Sound support
Mod - Java - 2014-2018


Tails adds in a bunch of different tails, ears and wings including various subtypes all of which you can colour to your liking!


  • Wrote a glTF parser and renderer
  • First large project I worked on
  • Ingame editor for modifying outfits
  • Over 1.4 million downloads

Personal Projects

I've worked on a bunch of different projects over the years, not all of them are related to games

glTF Viewer
Win/Mac/Linux - C++ - 2018

A small program I'm developing to help me better understand the glTF file format, learn PBR rendering and be able to just preview models easier.

Discord - Node - 2018

A Discord bot that offers various functionality for looking up information about FFGs SWRPG

Web - Python - 2018

Website for looking up information about items in FFGs SWRPG

University Projects

Projects developed for coursework during my time at Coventry University

Procedural Terrain Generator
Win/Mac - C++ - 2018

A procedural terrain generator and renderer using diamond-square and space colonisation algorithms


  • Uses diamond-square algorithm for water and terrain generation
  • Implemented a space colonisation algorithm for generating trees in a realistic fashion
  • Animated water and texture transitions created via shaders
Win/Mac - C++ - 2018

A multithreaded raytracer with support for complex models and Phong shading.


  • Configurable settings via in program GUI
  • Support for reflections
  • Hard and soft shadows
  • Phong Lighting