Creating a paper prototype

Greeting minions fellow readers!

On Monday we was tasked with creating a prototype for our game Project Dangerzone to help see how it might play out, a basic UI layout etc. As such, we created a paper prototype on the day and are currently working on creating fast software prototype in Unity to show how the game might look when created.

Paper Prototype

Creating a paper prototype was quite interesting as it forces you to go back to the core of designing. You focus purely on looks and the objects and not trying to add additional features which is great for the first prototype as you want to get a feel for your base game. In our prototype, we had our main character, the experimental airplane on a sticky to allow us to move the plane about the screen as we wanted to experiment a little with different turning mechanics for the game (As I mentioned briefly in the previous post). Thanks to that, we are going to have it so the plane moves across the screen instead of rotating the world when you tilt the device as we feel that’ll be more natural, fit with our art style and be easier for the player to understand what is happening in the game. This however still may change depending on how play testing goes.

Another point that came from our prototype is we briefly discussed using a hand drawn art style instead of the pixel style we originally planned. This could add a really unique point to the game as its an art style that is rarely used and can memorable however it will be harder to get it to fit within the game world and make it feel right. It is possible to do so however due to our limited time frame and current limited artistic abilities, it is most likely something that will not be attempted.

This Friday we will be play-testing our paper prototype (and a software prototype we are currently developing) with our peers to gather their feedback and evaluation on both prototypes. We are aiming to conduct both one-on-one and group testing and have already prepared a number of questions and surveys for the testers. I will cover more on that this Friday as well as providing their responses and an analysis of them.

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