Primordial Conquest

Status Cancelled (Alpha complete)
Software Unity
Role Lead Programmer

Defend your house from lost souls who are trying to steal the words that mean home to you. To stop them, you give them something that might feel like home to them, letting them finally rest in peace.

Primordial conquest is a game developed between me and a Coventry University art student for his final year project. The game was developed to a playable state with a limited set of cards but unfortunately not enough time meant that it could not be developed into a full game.

Card Editor

To enable quickly adding in new cards and adjusting their stats, I created a custom editor within Unity to adjust all of their parameters. All parameters of the cards can be changed, including special abilities but new types of special abilities have to be created in code first. An indicator is also shown on top of each card preview to show whether it is missing any information to allow a designer to quickly spot possible issues.

Card Editor


The game is both a mixture of 2D and UI elements with the cards transferring between both layers. This required some extra handling of input code to ensure the scaling remains correct and that interactions are handled in the same order.

As a number of different interactions are required (dragging, selecting from a menu after dragging, moving cards around) a custom input manager was created, where it tracks all current interactions to ensure that they are valid. This works across both the UI and 2D layers, so players can't spawn in new cards whilst selecting an attack for example.