Status In Development (Demo Released)
Software Unity
Role Programmer (Game State, UI, Camera)

Defend your house from lost souls who are trying to steal the words that mean home to you. To stop them, you give them something that might feel like home to them, letting them finally rest in peace.

Speechless is a game developed by a team of 7 people (5 programmers, 1 designer, 1 sound artist) during GGJ19 that won the award for Best Lighting and Best Game at the Birmingham City University site. We're currently working on polishing it up for a more general release.

Game State

I implemented all the game state logic which includes transitioning to/from paused, starting the game as well as handling the transition to the end score screen. This is mostly handled inside the GameManager which then fires events when the game state transitions, allowing other components to react appropriately without having to constantly check.


All UI design and implementation was my work. Most of the UI is very simple as we didn't want to show anything on screen during the gameplay. The final score screen is an in world Canvas that is only activated when the players complete a level (as we had a fun bug where they would phantom click on it causing the game to end). I will be doing more work in this area as we need to provide some more information to player during gameplay, and I wish to animate the final score screen.


The main orthographic camera is one of the biggest design choices of the game and the way it animates is designed to work within the style. As we wanted the camera to always spin around at the start of the game, I decided to do the animation in code instead of Animator and using animation curves for greater tweaking

Camera controls

The final animation of the camera looks pretty darn good (if I may so)

Camera example